2012 where did you go?

I can't believe it has almost been a year since I posted a blog. Okay, maybe I can believe it. 2012 was a CRAZY year. But it was one of THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE!!!! Why do you ask was it one of the best years of my life?? This is why..... 1.
2. And this...
This was not the only reason that 2012 was a great year but I would say it was one of the top reasons. I learned so much about myself this year and about what is precious in this life. I have had plenty of ups and unfortunately some downs. I have learned that this life is too short to not make every day the best it can be. Each day will not be perfect but each day will be a blessing. I have so much more to share! There is more to come. It will take me a bit to get it all in, but it will be there. Besides I have to have something to show "E" someday.

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